Ever wonder how you can work to better the city of Newburgh?  Youth in our city think about that all the time, but unfortunately, sometimes we don’t have a forum in which to express those ideas and the messages we hear in the media don’t match what we know and love about our city.

The Newburgh Youth Leadership Summit will provide a forum for young people in Newburgh to share our ideas, do some forward thinking about the future of our city and celebrate the hope and resilience we see in our residents, young and old, every day.

On the weekend of May 19th, 2018, we will host the first ever Newburgh Youth Leadership Summit at NFA’s Main Campus.  The event will begin with leadership activities for elementary students, facilitated by members of the Excelsior Academy senior class.  Then, middle school students will have an opportunity to showcase issues and ideas that are important to them, through a Leadership Expo and short, informal presentations.  Later that day, NFA students will share their knowledge about what it means to be a youth leader in the community.  Lastly, we will feature music and dance performances from some of the region’s best talents.

Our senior class at Excelsior Academy has been learning about the rich history of our city of Newburgh, and has focused on issues like deindustrialization, the lasting impacts of crime and violence, and the ensuing poverty.  All of these factors left scars on our city that people are working to heal. Even though our city has been experiencing turmoil, the hope in our community is more powerful than its past. The Newburgh Youth Leadership Summit will be an event to raise awareness of our rich history through a community celebration uniting Newburgh.

The proceeds received will support our student-led creation of a historical monument to honor those who have been oppressed in Newburgh.